Our purpose is to assure the happiness of all stakeholders in a sustainable way.

If future strategies consider people, their needs, motivations and concerns and if the customers, teams, people and business partners are happy then it will be easier to assure sustainable results!

SPIRIT is a virtual holding of companies and independent professional consultants, with experience since 2005 in the strategic management of all types of organizations, and whose primary purpose is to assure the happiness of all stakeholders in a sustainable way.


To be a top player in the management of the strategic & cultural transformation and the organizations wellbeing, co-generating responsible results with our stakeholders.



Our core values, which are the most important and are always present in all our actions and decisions are: flexibility, justice and passion. To the rest of values, we call them instrumental or key competences, as they facilitate the responsible results that we want to reach jointly with our stakeholders.


Begin the transformation of your organization right now .


Our Principles

Culture is the new competitive advantage of the 21st century: ``Who we are`` and ``How we do things around here`` is as important as the products we sell.

People’s involvement in the change process generates commitment to transformation.

Any group transformation must involve the use of both collective intelligence and collective action for its success.

Creating a sexy image of the future mobilizes the people's energy in the same direction.

Being part of a responsible project that has social impact generates pride of belonging and engagement.

An organization is a living and dynamic system, where if we focus on the best things, the rest flourishes.

Cultural entropy is the level of energy allocated to unproductive activities (chaos, confusion, conflicts, etc.) in a human system. If we reduce it, both people's engagement and results increase.

Measuring is key, and measuring intangibles in the 21st century is imperative to manage.

The processes, structures and systems of an organization must be transformation engines, rather than brakes.

And finally, the transformation of an organization begins with the transformation of its leaders.

Our Team

Bernardo Teixeira Diniz

Co-founder SPIRIT. Consultant, trainer and speaker. Specialist in sustainable strategies execution, conscious capitalism, MBV and the strategic management of stakeholder relationships.

+351 918 913 156
Victor Rodríguez Ardura

Co-founder SPIRIT. Consultant, speaker, coach and facilitator in Strategy, Cultural Transformation and Innovation. Barrett Values Center Trainer. Professor at ESADE, EADA and Barcelona Univ., among others.

+34 620 273 496
Luis Correia de Sousa

Entrepreneur and business administrator. Strategic and operational partner in SPIRIT through BioRumo, the only SME consultancy certified as B Corp, efr, SA 8000, associate of GRACE and BCSD Portugal.