A set of necessary interventions to generate the transformation in the key people of the company, that is, their leaders, so that they take the first step and show the rest with their example the way forward.
This is a mandatory element to achieve a transformation.

We speak of evolution to define the conjunction of two aspects: changes (understood as how to continue to do the same with our business and processes but faster, cheaper or with more quality) and transformations (i.e start doing totally different things: new business model or strategy, new processes and ways of executing them, new management philosophy of people, new culture or way of doing things, etc …). To achieve a transformation, leaders must begin to think and act differently, which requires a personal inner change, not as in simple changes where it is just something external.

Who is responsible for monitoring the cultural transformation of your organization?


The key in this 21st century is for leaders to live their own transformation first, and then to facilitate a context where their teams and people can find tools that facilitate their transformation and personal development. These tools are those that appear in our Value Creation Model.

Value creation model

The Spirit way

The way to carry out in organizations to achieve a strategic and cultural transformation.

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