Strategy Alignment

One of the ways in which the organization must travel is the so-called STRATEGY ALIGNMENT. That means that the people and areas of the organization have clear what is its contribution to the vision and purpose of the organization. Specifically, know how to answer clearly to two questions: Where are we going? Why do we move there?

Building up or upgrade of the Purpose and Vision of the organization, creatively and with high business orientation. We start from the big questions (why?, what for? etc.) that any business should wonder based on both the impact and current contribution in its ecosystem (society, planet, stakeholders), and the contribution that would like to have in the future.

Based on the views of each stakeholder on the current and desired culture, we make qualitative panels to understand the basis of the chosen values, and how to build a shared future as for that all stakeholders feel engaged and motivated.

Clarification of the strategic themes of the company for the coming years and selection of the main performance scenarios. Analysis of the business model and its impact on society (economic, social, environmental), and clarification of the key attributes of the value proposition by customer segments and/or clusters.

Design and building up of the Strategic Map of the organization (Corporate, business unit, etc.), where the strategic objectives for the coming years are identified with the participation of the whole management team, in a highly open and creative process and where the key people commit with the future and contribution of their business.

Selection of the key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure the strategic objectives, and identification and prioritization of the key medium and short-term initiatives and projects (responsible, milestones, needed resources …) to facilitate the achievement of the long-term strategy.


Managing by Values

The second route that the organization must travel is MANAGING BY VALUES, that is, management and leadership by Values. Because Spirit believes that to involve and engage people we must focus on the management of their values and the identification and development of organizational values that were lived by people in their day to day activities. In short, answer and manage the questions: What is important to you? What do you want to promote in your day-to-day work?

Because we are convinced that focus on the CULTURE is a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in this century where it is no longer just about making good products or services. Nowadays to capture the attention and interest of consumers, customers, partners, and other STAKEHOLDERs, organizations must also answer with clarity and consistency to the questions: WHO ARE WE? HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD?

Through the CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) of our partner Barrett Values Center, one of the most used culture assessments in the world, we map in multiple dimensions the values and the culture of the organizations – in an agile and dynamic way – to understand the best way people’s energy can be transformed into action and better business results.

Methodology based on 100% experiential workshops so that based on their own experience, the management teams and key people of the organizations become aware of the relevance of managing values and the organizational culture, and transform it on personal commitment to start up the cultural transformation.

Based on the most relevant values of the organization (personal, current culture and desired culture values) we will select the “core values” that best identify all people and that will form “the glue” or DNA that will keep together and aligned the organization. These values will be deployed in specific competencies and behaviors that will be present in all the actions of the organization.

Based on the identification of the areas and major issues that generate unproductive or worthless activities in the organization (cultural entropy), and through the group collective intelligence, some antidotes are selected that act as solutions to alleviate the entropy, and as levers of value that capitalize people’s energy to increase the resilience of the organization, and its results. These antidotes are implemented through concrete and detailed action plans.

The map that positions the leaders of the organization based on their levels of awareness, their TBL (Triple Bottom Line) Vision about the business and their orientation to self-interest or the common good. It is very useful to plan the steps to follow in the transformation journey, to get people’s commitment and to map the role and support of each leader. It can also be applied to middle management.

Performance & Results

Make it Happen

Finally, and very importantly, to really achieve TRANSFORMATION we have to make things happen (MAKE IT HAPPEN), that is, be able to articulate tools and methodologies so that:

  • The people, who really have to be the change main characters, and especially the LEADERS, move forward and take the first step in the transformation, showing the path to follow,
  • The organization’s day-to-day processes, structures, systems and policies were the real engines of the TRANSFORMATION, not its main barriers.

Based on those values that motivate and energize people more, we review the business and support processes which are relevant to the future strategy and generate high levels of cultural entropy today, co-creating and redesigning new procedures with its users that will facilitate the well-being of the people and will increase their connection (flow) and commitment to the project.

Based on the organization culture and strategy desired targets, and with the help of experienced coaches, we accompany the key people of the organizational transformation. Through action plans and personal development plans that enhance the desired key values, skills and behaviors, the coaches observe them on their daily activities and roles, giving them “live feedback” through “shadow coaching”.

Based on the future desired culture and/or strategy of the organization, we organize summits in which we bring together the whole “system” (all people if it is an SME, an operating or business unit, a department, a factory, etc …) and we put into practice and deploy the values/ culture or the desired future strategy in an experiential way. Focusing on the best within the group, and by co-creating a dream or a compelling image of the future, the energy of people is mobilized in the same direction, and the speed of transformation is accelerated. Furthermore, we end with an action plan and commitments of the whole system.

Creation of a new internal unit that plans, designs, launches and tracks strategic & cultural transformation. Formed by a mixed team of internal people, expert consultants, and local coordinators in each business unit, division or work center, so that the things that have to take place actually happen. It generates the embryo of the needed skills for the transformation to be sustainable, through the development of an empowered and autonomous internal team.

Design and building up of a personal operational vision that, on one hand, supports the contribution to the common – business and social – good (Organization Vision and Purpose) and, on the other hand, to the personal interest and her family balance. Considering the organizational challenges and the areas of greatest personal stress, we also build a road map that guarantees the sustainable happiness of the business ecosystem, with a personal dashboard with KPI’s and concrete actions to follow.

What do you do to measure the values and culture of your organization?

The way to carry out in organizations to achieve a strategic and cultural transformation.


Begin the transformation of your organization right now.